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5. September 2008 5 05 /09 /September /2008 19:12

by George - Please, click on the picture.

NT$12.00: Cymatium pyrum, Pear-shaped. Cymatium pyrum has a somewhat long siphonal canal, making it resemble the head and trunk of an elephant. Most of them are reddish brown and often feature a prominent periostracum, periostracal hair, big nodules and axial ribs. Most have a white aperture with a denticulate lip.

NT$5.00: Troschels Murex, Murex troscheli. These large and unique looking spindle-shaped shells have long siphonal canals, fine brown stripes and many slender spines. Most of these spines are located on their axial ribs, where they form 120-degree angles with each other. These help them to avoid being attacked by fish or crabs.
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